ASABE Engage - An Introduction




Engage is ASABE's secure platform for conducting committee work. Most committees, sections, communities, and ad hoc groups have a Committee page, depending on the group’s scope and workload. Engage offers several useful features:


  • Messaging and member Discussion opportunities
  • Document library
  • Event tool to set up online meetings and notifications
  • Committee membership list
  • Balloting tool in Workspace

After logging into, you will be directed to your personal homepage. Pull down the menu under "Committees and Communities" to access your connections. You will have access only to the committees and groups on which you hold current membership; know when your term expires and request renewal to avoid interruptions to access. Click on a committee/group name to find messages, ballots, documents, and a membership list.

For a step-by-step guide to accessing Engage click here. Contact Jean Walsh for assistance.

Using the Tools


Click on the Committee title see the latest emails and threads. You can select the title to post a reply or from the top menu, select Discussion/Threads to begin your own topic.

You can also generate a message directly from your own email program without logging into Engage by using the address prefix unique to your group, which is displayed at the top of the committee's page. The image below shows the prefix for the MS-23/6/1 technical committee. Notice the hyphens used to separate elements of the address:




The email address for the committee would thus be

By default, replying to an email sent via Engage will distribute the response to the entire committee. To reply to an individual, select Forward and enter the recipient's address manually. 

The Message tool can only be used by active members of a committee for communication within that group: Engage will not allow individuals to email committees to which they do not belong, even if the correct address is used.

The Message tool automatically archives messages—a useful resource if you wish to find a specific email quickly. Email attachments are also captured in the Library.


Although available to all groups, the Workspace tool is particularly useful for standards development and ballots. Select the Workspace tab on your committee page to access your open ballots. Ballots will often include attachments, and these can be opened and viewed, or downloaded for review offline.

Ballot notification emails will contain a direct link to your open ballot. You will just need to use your ASABE credentials to sign in.


Engage also provides a repository for committee documents, such as bylaws and other important committee information. These can be opened and downloaded for your convenience. All email attachments will automatically be added to the Library for committee member access.

Committee Membership Lists


Engage offers a quick way to see the current members of your committee: Simply click on the Members tab. The list will not display contact information until you request to connect with another member and they accept your request. General access to member information is a benefit of ASABE membership. ASABE members who are logged in can obtain contact information through the main portion of the website: How to Access Rosters.