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Except where noted, staff email addresses comprise the last name followed by

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Simply use the general mailbox,, and staff will forward your message as appropriate.

Executive Darrin Drollinger, Executive Director 269-932-7007   
  Mark Zielke, Senior Director Finances, Human Resources, Meetings 269-932-7034 
  Joann McQuone, Executive Assistant 269-932-7022 
  Karen Dolohanty, Bookkeeper 269-932-7011
  Dolores Landeck, Director of Public Affairs 269-932-7039
  Li Wang, Senior IT Manager  269-932-7013
Member Services / Mark Crossley, Director of Advancement 269-932-7002
  Advancement / Tina Schultz, Member Services Manager 269-932-7028
  Foundation Beth Settles, Member Services Administrator 269-932-7040
  Sarah Rodriguez, Foundation & Awards Administrator 269-932-7006
Meetings & Events Jessica Bell, Meetings Manager 269-932-7029
Publications Joe Walker, Director 269-932-7026
  Sandy Rutter, Publications Assistant 269-932-7004
  Melissa Miller, Journal Editor 269-932-7017
  Sue Mitrovich, Resource Magazine Editor; mitro@ 209-451-3296
  Peg McCann, Book & Journal Editor 269-932-7019
  Glenn Laing, Journal Editor 269-932-7014
  Pat Howard, Prepress Tech Journals; pfhoward@ 269-932-7008
  Robert Smith, Manuscript Administrator 269-932-7010
  Tracey Skoda, Order Fulfillment  269-932-7005
 Standards Scott Cedarquist, Director; cedarq@ 269-932-7031
  Walter Brace, Standards Specialist  269-932-7009
  Carla VanGilder, Global Standards Administrator 269-932-7015
  Jean Walsh, Standards Administrator 269-932-7027