CASSO/SNSAC Recognized standards and deliverable(s): 

Having many standards development organizations covering various industries or topics, our members tend to find and use non-ASABE/SCC standards that may be relevant to their needs. Technical committees can now build a list of such potentially useful standards following expert review for relevance, to share with interested parties. 

The main reason for having this list of recognized standards is to provide an alternative to the adoption of international standards that have not been pursued by CASSO/SNSAC due to the resources required.  The option of a list of recognized standards, both international and national, allows CASSO/SNSAC to serve the user base most effectively. This list will note important and relevant standards related to CASSO/SNSAC areas of interest in agriculture and biosystems to members, users, the public, trade associations, and regulators.

Any document developed by an accredited SDO may be considered for inclusion on the recognized standards list. If you would like to see a document from another SDO be recognized on the list, please submit your request to CASSO/SNSAC committee leadership. If you do not know who should be receiving the request, you can contact ASABE Standards Staff and they will direct the request to the appropriate technical committee. 

The main criteria for including a document on the recognized list is that the document should meet the needs of industry and organizations involved in agricultural and biological systems. The document will be reviewed and approved by experts in CASSO/SNSAC through a successful ballot. Once included on the list, no interpretation will be made regarding the identified documents by ASABE staff or technical committee members. Thus, the selection and use of any recognized standard is the responsibility of the individual using the document.

Listed standards will be evaluated periodically by CASSO/SNSAC, and if needed, adjusted as necessary to meet Canadian standard use needs. Changes could include adopting international standards from the list, replacing a document with a current version, removing a document which is no longer relevant, or proposing an additional document.  Current national standards from other SDOs which are on the list are property of and copyrighted to that organization. Documents are not available through ASABE and may be purchased from outside resources such as the ANSI Webstore.

CASSO/SNSAC Recognized Standards and Deliverable Approval Procedures