A Leader in Standards Development

Why%20standardsASABE is the leading national producer of standards for agricultural systems. ASABE is also accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to coordinate and develop the US position in fifteen distinct areas of international standards development. Each of these areas has an associated ASABE technical committee, made up of US experts from a diverse range of backgrounds, to establish the US position in these areas.

The Need for Standards

Standards provide interchangeability between similarly functioning products and systems, improving compatibility, safety and performance for users. They improve the availability of components that can be used interchangeably with equipment provided by different manufacturers. Standards improve personal safety in relation to operating equipment and the application of products and materials. They establish performance criteria for products, materials, or systems. Standards also provide a common basis for testing, analyzing, describing, or informing users and producers in regards to the performance and characteristics of products, methods, materials, or systems.

Get Involved in Standards

The first step in getting involved is to determine which of the technical communities match your general interest.  Once you have determined which community to explore you can examine the variety of committees within the community to see if one or more match your specific interest area. You then contact the ASABE administrator overseeing the committee(s) you are interested in. The Standards Administrators can provide a more detailed explanation and answer questions as well as get you linked to these committees. The Standards Administrators are your key to learning about the process, the forums, ballots and other opportunities.

You can find a list of the communities and information regarding the  administrators of the committees within each community here. Details for each committee can be found  on the Committees page.

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

The important work of the ASABE Standards development is accomplished with significant corporate and individual support.

We extend our deepest appreciation to those who choose to underwrite this work annually. 

ASABE Standards Supporters

We welcome your support of and participation in ASABE Standards development. Contact Scott Cedarquist to learn how you can contribute to the success of the program.