The Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems (ITSC) Technical Community judges select the top papers from the ITSC community that will be presented at the annual international meeting (AIM) each year. To be considered, authors must submit their paper to headquarters by April 20 to be eligible for that year's AIM. Papers must not have been previously published elsewhere.

2022 Winners

An Autonomous Ground Robotic System for 3D LiDAR-based Crop Scouting
Javier Rodriguez-Sanchez, Changying Li

In-Field Pine Seedling Counting Using End-to-End Deep Learning for Inventory Management
Rafael Bidese Puhl, Yin Bao, Nina Payne, Thomas Stokes, Ryan Nadel, Scott Enebak

Rapid and Intelligent Food Safety Inspection using a Multimode Optical Sensing System
Jianwei Qin, Moon S. Kim, Jeehwa Hong, Hyunjeong Cho, Jo Ann S. Van Kessel, Insuck Baek, Kuanglin Chao, Byoung-Kwan Cho, Qibing Zhu, Min Huang

3D Deep Learning-based Segmentation to Reveal the Spatial Distribution of Cotton Bolls
Lizhi Jiang, Changying Li, Longsheng Fu

Automated Pruning Decisions in Dormant Canopies using Instance Segmentation
Daniel Borrenpohl & Manoj Karkee