Initiative Fund

The Initiative fund was established to provide seed money for new activities, programs, and pilot programs.

Proposals may be submitted at any time, by any group within the Society, and must align with the Society's objectives set forth in the Society's Bylaws (Article B2, paragraph 1) and with the goals and strategies identified by the Board of Trustees.

Giving Back Fund

Administered by the ASABE Foundation, the Giving Back fund provides financial support to projects that showcase the knowledge and skills of the agricultural and biological engineering profession through efforts that benefit underserved individuals or groups. Eligible projects may take place anywhere in the world; no preference is given in the selection process for geographic location. The endeavor may involve building, designing, planning, teaching, or other assistance that has tangible evidence of the endeavor.

The Giving Back fund has money available annually to support one or more projects. ASABE members are invited to submit a video, slide presentation, or other electronic means to seek funding support from the Giving Back fund.

Pinches Schwab Fund

The Harold Pinches and Glenn Schwab Teaching Materials fund is an ASABE Foundation fund that provides financial support for the development and effective distribution of ASABE teaching materials, including textbooks.

The Pinches Schwab fund accumulates money over the year to support one or more projects. Typical projects have been funded in the range of $3,000 to $20,000. Proposal review and approval is done by a Publications Council committee. 

ASABE members are encouraged to take advantage of this funding opportunity for projects that fall within the fund's scope.