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801M1094 Advances in Soil Dynamics Vol 1 0929355520
801M0602 Advances in Soil Dynamics Vol. 2 1892769824
801M0209 Advances in Soil Dynamics Vol. 3 w/CD-ROM 1892769735
801M0894 Ag Safety & Health for Engineers 0929355512
801M0296 *Agricultural Buildings & Structures 0929355733
913C0604 Agricultural Implement Drivelines 1892769417
913C0306 Animal Agriculture & the Environment 1892769514
801M0892 Basics of Insect Modeling 0929355318
801M0506 CIGR Handbook: Information Technology VI 1892769034
801M1007 *Design & Operation of Farm Irrigation Systems 2nd Ed. 1892769646
801M1086 *Design in Agricultural Engineering 0916150801
801M0310 *Designing Structural Components for Machines 189276976X
801M0704 *Engine & Tractor 4th ed. 1892769425
801M0206 *Engineering Principles of Ag Machines 2nd Ed. 1892769506
801M1498 Engineering Properties of Foods & Other Bio Materials 189276900X
801M0390 *Environmental Control for Animals & Plants 0929355083
913C0491 Flow Measuring Flumes 929355156
801M0804 Food & Process Engineering Technology 1892769433
801M0404 *Fundamentals of Electricity for Ag 3rd ed 1892769395
905B0183 Greenhouse & Nursery Mech 9993253227
913C0591 Inst & Measurement 3rd Ed 0916150488
801M0695 Landscape Irrigation Design 092935561X
801M0309 *Livestock Energetics and Thermal Environmental Mgt 1892769743
801M0303 Looking Beneath the Surface of Ag Safety & Health 189276928X
801M0487 Mechanics of Cutting Plant Material 0916150860
801M0190 Mgmt Farm Irrigation Systems 0929355113
801M1481 Modifying Root Envr 0916150402
801M0103 *Off-Road Vehicle Eng Principles 1892769263
801M0994 On-Farm Drying 0929355539
801M1003 *Pesticides in Domestic Wells 1892769298
801M0895 Physical Principles of the Plant Biosystem 0929355571
913C0189 Potato Storage Tech & Practice 0916150992
801M0297 *Principles of Process Engineering 0929355857
801M0598 Robotics for Bio-production 0929355946
801M0792 *Safety & Health for Production Agriculture 0929355326
801M0313 *Soil & Water Conservation 7th ed. 1892769867
915C0383 Status of Harvest Mech of Hort 091615050X

There are also books on precision agriculture published by ACSESS.