Communicate with Speakers

It is the responsibility of a Moderator to communicate with speakers to make sure their session runs smoothly. Approximately two months prior to a meeting, Headquarters will send each moderator a letter containing a list of speakers within their session. This list will include phone numbers and email addresses and the scheduled time for each presentation.

Moderators Coordinate PowerPoint Presentations

Approximately two weeks prior to the meeting, moderators should contact each speaker within their session and ask them for a copy of their PowerPoint presentation. The moderator should then burn the presentations onto a disk and bring the disc along with their laptop computer to the meeting.

Laptop Computers

It is not necessary for speakers to bring their laptop computer if the moderator has pre-arranged all the presentations on a disc. They may choose to bring their laptops for other reasons but not specifically for this presentation.

Audio Visual Equipment

As standard meeting room equipment, ASABE will only provide a computer projector. If other audiovisual equipment is needed, Headquarters should be notified at least three weeks prior to each meeting. Moderators should ask speakers if they need other equipment and communicate this to the meeting planner. Equipment that is NOT preordered will not be available at the last minute on-site.

Stick to Schedule

Reconfirm the time for presentations and explain to speakers the importance of sticking to schedule. Since we have concurrent sessions, attendees will plan their schedule accordingly. It is extremely frustrating to make plans for a certain talk only to find that you have missed it. Should a speaker "not show", moderators can fill time by asking the preceding speaker to lengthen their talk, offer a break or other creative means of filling time. Many moderators come to the meeting with something in mind to present (I.e. slide presentation) in the event of a "no show".

Upon Arrival at the Meeting

Moderators should arrive at their designated meeting room at least 20 minutes prior to the start of their session. Speakers should be instructed to do the same. After all speakers are accounted for, the meeting room should be checked. Make sure the room temperature does not exceed 78 degrees, that his/her laptop computer is properly connected to the computer projector, and that water is available for speakers. A Meeting Liaison is positioned outside meeting rooms. This person has a two-way radio and can easily communicate meeting needs. Help will usually arrive within minutes.