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Member Hour: Circularity - Ag Value Chain and the Environment

12/9/2021 2:00:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) - 12/9/2021 3:00:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) Zoom - Free Registration Required

Uniting the Food and Agriculture Value Chain to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Crop Production

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Achieving circularity of food and agriculture systems requires developing connections between farmers producing the crops and the food and retail companies using the crops in consumer goods. In commodity crop markets there are frequently intermediary companies and comingling of crops harvested from multiple farms within a region. Field to Market has worked with stakeholders from across the value chain over the past fifteen years to develop a program that enables food and retail companies to make the necessary connections in their value chains, gather data on farming practices and environmental impacts of those practices in their sourcing region, and ways to work on reducing those impacts through partnerships. This seminar will discuss the Fieldprint Platform, a digital tool that assesses field level environmental impacts across 8 dimensions using science-based sustainability metrics. 

Allison Thomson is Vice President, Science & Research at Field to Market where she works with member organizations on measuring, benchmarking and reducing the environmental impact of US agricultural production. Prior to joining Field to Market, she worked for a research institute at the University of Maryland studying the intersection of climate, energy and agricultural systems. Allison holds a BA from Carleton College and a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University.