Electronic Reference Materials

The following reference materials were assembled by a subcommittee of ASABE's Engineering Licensure committee. They are intended as electronic references for use when taking the Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE exam. 

These materials are a work in progress, so comments should be passed along to Jasper Cunningham.

General References for All Subject Areas
FE Reference Handbook, version 9.5 (2013)

ASABE Standards Reference Collection for the PE Exam
This valuable resource includes ASABE standards that Ag/Bio Engineering PE Exam test takers may find helpful on exam day, but not all of the standards in this collection may be needed when taking the current exam. Includes 38 ASABE standards, 532 pages, arranged by numeric table of contents, alpha index, and key word index. Three-ring notebook binding. The price is $99.00 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. If you would rather purchase the full collection of standards (2011 was the last printed edition), the cost is $220.00 plus shipping (member price) and includes three suppliments. To order, please contact Tina Schultz or call 800-371-2723 or 269-932-7028.

Common Systems Applications
Instrumentation and Measurement for Environmental Sciences, 3rd Edition, Henry et al. ASABE
Fundamentals of Electricity for Agriculture 
   -Stray Voltage
   -Appendix C
NRCS Statistical Methods - Risk Equation

Natural Resources & Ecology
Soil & Water Conservation Engineering - 7th edition selections
NRCS On-Farm Secondary Containment Facility Standard 
NRCS Agrichemical Handling Facility Standard
NRCS Engineering Field Handbook - Excerpts from Chapters 2,3,4,7, and 14
NRCS Agricultural Wastes and Water, Air, and Animal Resources (updated 2-27-15)

Process Engineering
Food & Process Engineering Technology, Wilhelm, L.R. et al. 2004 - excerpts from Chapters 2, 3, 7, & 8
Principles of Process Engineering (Henderson, Perry & Young, 1997) excerpts
Food & Process Engineering Technology Appendix A Tables (Wilhelm, Suter & Brusewitz 2004)
Food & Process Engineering Technology - Chapter 10, Drying & Dehydration (wilhelm, Suter & Brusewitz 2004)
Post‐Harvest Management of Horticultural Produce (FAO) 
Physical Chemical Properties excerpts

Midwest Plan Service Structures & Environment Handbook excerpts
Environment Control for Animals & Plant - Albright, D.A. 1990 - excerpts from Chapters 5, 8 & Appendices 

Designing Structural Components for Machinery
Engineering Principles of Agricultural Machines
Engine & Tractor Power
Consult Fundamentals of Electricity for Agriculture listed under the Common Systems Applications section above.

Dynamics of Biological Systems - excerpt from Chapter 3