Winners of the 2021-2022 ASABE CNH Industrial Undergraduate Scholarship have been named. Recipients have earned a $2,500 scholarship for use towards their pursuit of an agricultural and biological engineering degree. This scholarship was made possible through the continued support of CNH Industrial. An impressive turnout of 81 undergraduates representing 22 academic institutions completed the scholarship. Applicants were asked to provide answers and comments regarding two pillars:

  • Please describe the importance of agricultural and biological engineering and how it relates to CNH Industrial’s vision and mission
  • Please describe the importance of joining and engaging as a member of ASABE

Congratulations to the winners. More information on student awards, scholarships, and competitions can be found on the student events webpage. Questions? Contact Jasper Cunningham.

Carter West is a senior at Iowa State University studying agricultural engineering. 


Jarvis Williams is a sophmore at the University of Illinois studying engineering technology managment for ag systems. 


Katherine Skiles is a junior at the University of Arkansas studying biological engineering. 


Natalie Larsson is a junior at Virgina Tech studying biological systems engineering.