Call for Nominations of the Community Editor (CE) for:


Call for Nominations

Community Editor for Plant, Animal, and Facility Systems (PAFS) Technical Community

ASABE is currently seeking nominations for a new Community Editor for the Plant, Animal, and Facility Systems (PAFS) technical community, as Dr. Jun Zhu will be completing his term and has decided to step down after many years of outstanding service. The responsibilities of the Community Editor (CE) include managing and overseeing an active pool of associate editors, serving on the P-511 Journal Editorial Board, screening manuscripts and assigning them to associate editors, making decisions on manuscripts relative to reviewers’ and associate editors’ recommendations, and communicating with the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) and headquarters staff regarding publication issues. The CE will work to ensure that ASABE’s best practices goals are met. For more details about journal editors and best practices, go to

The PAFS community typically receives approximately 60-75 new manuscript submissions each year.

CEs are appointed for a three-year term, with their performance reviewed periodically by the Editor-in-Chief. Reappointment of a CE for a second three-year term is based on approval by the EIC in consultation with the PAFS Executive and Steering committee. After two consecutive terms, a call for applications for the CE is opened to the ASABE membership. The existing CE can apply and be re-elected as part of this call, which starts a new three-year term, with possible renewal for another three-year term.

All applications will be vetted by the EIC, and qualified candidates will be recommended to the PAFS Executive committee, which will then conduct interviews and recommend a new CE to the EIC by the time of the Annual International Meeting. The anticipated start date of the new CE term is August 1, 2022.

Applications should include (1) a current CV and (2) a short statement (no more than one page) of interests and goals, including a description of prior editorial board experience either inside or outside of ASABE. Submit these documents by email to Garey Fox, EIC, at by June 30, 2022. Self-nominations are encouraged.