2022 Winners

PhD Category
1st Place: Takhellambam Bijoychandra Singh, Auburn University
Temporal Disaggregation of Hourly Precipitation Under Changing Climate Over the Southeastern United States

2nd Place: Md Sultan Mahmud, Pennsylvania State University
Development of an Automatic Airflow Control System for Precision Sprayers Based on Tree Canopy Density

3rd Place: Worasit Sangjan, Washington State University
Optimization of a UAV-based Imaging and Image Processing (Orthomosaic and point Cloud) Approaches for Estimating Biomass in Forage Crop

MS Category
None for 2022

Past Winners

The Competition
The Boyd-Scott Graduate Research Award is to recognize excellence in the conduct and presentation of research to build the knowledge base needed by engineers who design equipment, facilities, and processes for the sustainable operation of a biological system.

Contestants are required to be a member of ASABE.

Entry Deadline: March 15

The Boyd-Scott Graduate Research Award consists of a written competition, and an oral competition held during the ASABE Annual International Meeting. Judges will select three M.S. finalists and three Ph.D. finalists from the written competition who will then be invited to present their research before judges at a scheduled technical session held during the ASABE Annual International Meeting. The six finalists' meeting registration will be waived.

Cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200 will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category after the meeting.

Entry Form must be submitted with properly formatted paper. Please see guidelines below for formatting requirements.

2. Organization of Paper - Students are advised to adhere to the following guidelines when preparing their research paper entries:

a. Organization of the research paper must conform to the guidelines published by ASABE for refereed journals. Access the Guide for Authors for information concerning journal manuscript submission and formatting.

b. The entire research paper entry, including all figures, list of references and appendices, must not exceed 20 pages.

c. Some graphics (figures and tables) do not print or download well so students are encouraged to produce their graphics in black-and-white format.

3. Submit entry form and research paper as a PDF file. It is the entrant's responsibility to verify that the converted file appears as intended. Send to the Awards Administrator

4. Scoring - Click here to see the judging criteria and allocation of points.

For the current competition, all entries must be submitted via e-mail to the Awards Administrator by March 15th.