25, Brown-Brandl


2023 Recipient
Tami M. Brown-Brandl

Past Recipients

The Henry Giese Structures & Environment award honors and recognizes outstanding and meritorious significant achievement in advancing the knowledge of science of agricultural structures and environment. 

Equal consideration shall be given to the advancement of teaching, research, design, and basic knowledge of agricultural structures and environment. Agricultural structures and environment shall be considered broadly to include livestock and poultry buildings, plant growth structures, crop and other storage and processing structures, and rural human housing.

The award was established in 1988 and was endowed by the family of Henry Giese. The award commemorates Giese's lifelong accomplishments in farm building design, research and teaching. The award shall consist of a plaque that portrays Henry Giese and reads: "For distinguished service in advancing the knowledge and science of agricultural structures and environment." The plaque, which is mounted on a wooden base, depicts a stylized barn that evokes the relationship between farming and agricultural engineering.

Eligibility: Recipient must be a current ASABE member.

Submission Deadline: October 31


Nomination Instructions: Please view this document in order to find the materials required for a nomination. The award nomination materials, including 3-5 letters of support, are to be submitted on the Major Awards Nominations website. 



Award Committee Bylaws