2022 Recipient
Rabi H. Mohtar, PE

Past Recipients

Honors and recognizes a member of ASABE who has performed noteworthy contributions to the advancement of soil and water engineering in teaching, research, planning, design, construction, management or development of materials. These contributions shall have been either in the form of published literature, notable performance, or special actions which have served to advance the science of soil and water engineering.

In 1966 the Hancock Brick & Tile Co. sponsored an award recognizing noteworthy soil and water engineering advancements in teaching, research, planning, design, construction, management, or materials development. The award was created to recognize outstanding drainage engineering work in the first two years, but in 1968 the scope expanded to include all aspects of soil and water engineering for agriculture. Hancor, Inc. was formed as a division of the Hancock Brick & Tile Co. in 1967, and the company name was formally changed to Hancor, Inc. in 1974.  Hancor, Inc. continued the award sponsorship until 2005 when ADS, Inc. purchased Hancor, Inc. Following the acquisition, the award was sponsored by ADS/Hancor, Inc.  In 2007 ADS/Hancor, Inc. endowed the award.

The award shall consist of a polished hardwood plaque mounted with a bronze medallion engraved with the elements symbolic of the relationship between agricultural engineering and a productive natural environment.


Eligibility: Recipient must be a current ASABE member.

Submission Deadline: October 31

Nomination Instructions: Please view this document in order to find the materials required for a nomination. All required award nomination materials must be submitted on the Major Awards Nominations website by October 31st.

Award Committee Bylaws