Students - Earn $250 Cash Prizes for Presenting at the AIM!

Congratulations to the 2023 winners!

The Student Oral/Poster Presentation Competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who submit an abstract, register to attend, and present at the ASABE Annual International Meeting (AIM). Outstanding student presentations, in both oral and poster categories, will be awarded in each of the following ASABE technical communities.

-Applied Science & Engineering (ASE)
-Education, Outreach, & Professional Development (EOPD)
-Energy Systems (ES)
-Ergonomics, Safety, & Health (ESH)
-Information Technology, Sensors, & Control Systems (ITSC)
-Machinery Systems (MS)
-Natural Resources & Environmental Systems (NRES)
-Plant, Animal, & Facility Systems (PAFS)
-Processing Systems (PRS)

Competition Specifics

-The number of awards available to each community is based on the number of student presentations entered into the competition. The chair of the Student Oral/Poster Presentation Competition Committee will determine the number of awards available to each community following the annual AIM abstract deadline. 

-The total number of awards given, across all communities, shall not exceed 30. The number of awards given for oral presentations and poster presentations, within each community, shall reflect the percentages of student presentations in each category in any given year. 
-Awards will not be separated by student classification - in other words no distinction will be made between undergraduate and graduate student presenters.
-Each award will consist of a cash prize of US$250.00. All winners will be alerted by email and the results published in Inside ASABE after the AIM, and their prize money mailed to them. Students must be ASABE members, at the time of the AIM, to be eligible for awards.
-All entrants must be registered AIM attendees.

How to Enter
All students submitting an abstract (and in some cases a paper - see below) for presentation at the AIM by the submittal deadline will be contacted to determine if they'd like to be entered in the competition. Students submitting to the following communities must also submit an AIM paper to be eligible for awards: ITSC, PAFS, and PRS. Submittals to all other communities do not have this requirement.

Questions? Please contact the Awards Administrator.

Competition Rules/Regulations