Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems

Editor in Chief: Dr. Garey Fox, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Editorial Board

Associate Editors

This new open access peer reviewed journal will begin to be published in January of 2023. The NRES Community Editor will also serve as the editor for this journal.

This journal includes a variety of article types (i.e., research articles, research briefs, review articles, frontier articles, and perspective articles) on the topics of hydrological, evapotranspiration, soil erosion, water quality, and biogeochemical processes; drainage, irrigation, conveyance, and reservoir infrastructures; agricultural, forest, peri-urban, stream, wetland, and coastal systems; microbial, organism, plot, field, farm, watershed, ecosystem, continental, and global scales and interactions; sustainability, resiliency, circularity, management, mitigation, recovery, and restoration approaches; and disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary perspectives, which integrate engineering and physical sciences related to natural and environmental systems. The journal encourages articles that consider systems thinking using a variety of multidisciplinary approaches including field and laboratory experimentation, measurement techniques, modeling, data analysis, decision support, and case studies. The journal invites articles from an international audience.

ASABE publishes Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems four times a year. Articles will be published online as they are completed.

The number of published pages for articles are restricted to:

  • four for research brief, frontier, and perspectives articles,
  • eight for research articles,
  • 15 for review articles, and
  • eight pages or fewer for special collection articles.
Additional non-peer reviewed content may be uploaded to our Figshare as Supplemental Information.

Read our journal descriptions to see which one is best for your content. Article types include research, research briefs, review, frontier, editorial, and perspective. You may also initiate a special collection or participate in an existing open special collection.

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Article Processing Charges

The charges per article for this journal shown below are different than our other journals. See our article type descriptions for more details.

  • $1500 - four pages or fewer research briefs, frontier, and perspective
  • $2100 - eight pages or fewer research article
  • $2400 - 15 pages or fewer review article
  • $1800 - eight pages or fewer special collection article

If page count limit for the article type is exceeded, the additional fee is $100 per page.

In general, the page count is about half of the double-spaced template that we provide. Tables and images can change that depending on the sizes needed. If you do not use our template, the final page count may be more.