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ASABE's Fountain Wars is a hands-on, real-time student design competition that takes place at the Society's annual international meeting. Collegiate teams design and model their fountains onsite, and build and test their actual entries under time pressure.

Fountain Wars requires a modest design document and limited expenditures. The competition is primarily targeted at student clubs or participants in sophomore/junior-level class design projects. Teams will arrive at the competition with a design for their fountain, along with their assembly materials.

After making a brief, marketing-style promotion, they will construct their system during a 120-minute construction period. Awards are based on the written report, oral presentation, construction, technical tasks and aesthetic display segments of the event.

Cash prizes for top finishers, plus seven specialty awards!


Teams that are even thinking about competing should email the competition coordinator to receive updates throughout the year. If anyone emails questions about the competition or rules, the answers will be shared and will also be listed on this webpage

Teams are able to apply for reimbursement for nozzles and clear plastic pipe for up to $100. Receipts will need to be submitted with the written report to the competition coordinator. 

The 2023 Fountain Wars rules are now available here.

 Written Report Submission: 

Fountain Wars in Action

2019 Competition, Boston

2018 Competition, Detroit

Congratulations to the
2022 Winning Teams

1st Place and Best Build Plan
Oklahoma State University

2nd Place and Tallest Fountain
Iowa State University

3rd Place, Best Use of Bio Materials, Best Aesthetic Display
North Carolina State University 

Past Winners
2021: North Carolina State Univ.
2020: Competition Cancelled
2019: Kansas State University
2018: Iowa State University
2017: Oklahoma State University
2016: University of Nebraska
2015: University of Florida
2014: University of Nebraska
2013: University of Illinois
2012: University of Tennessee
2011: Kansas State University
2010: Iowa State University
2009: Texas A & M University
2008: Texas A & M University
2007: Iowa State University
2006: University of Tennessee
2005: Oklahoma State University
2004: Kansas State University
2003: University of Illinois