The Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems (ITSC) Technical Community judges select the top papers from the ITSC community that will be presented at the annual international meeting (AIM) each year. To be considered, authors must submit their paper to headquarters by April 20 to be eligible for that year's AIM. Papers must not have been previously published elsewhere.

2020 Winners

“Yield Estimation of Soybean Breeding Lines Using UAV Multispectral Imagery and Convolutional Neuron Network,” authored by Zhou, Ye, Ali, Nguyen, Chen, and Zhou.

"Application of Improved NSGA-II Algorithm in Matching Optimization for Tractor Powertrain,” authored by Fu, Wang, Du, Li, Zhu, and Mao.

“A New Spectral Pretreatment Method for Detecting Soluble Solids Content of Pears using Vis/NIR Spectroscopy,” authored by Li, Peng, Li, Yang, and Qiao.

“Blueberry Harvestability Trait Extraction from 2D Images and 3D Point Clouds Based on Deep Learning and Photogrammetric Reconstruction,” authored by Ni, Li, and Jiang.